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Watch (free, $99 value): ‘Unbelievable’

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Watch (free, $99 value): ‘Unbelievable’

In late 2021, Elliott Wave International Founder and President Robert Prechter gave a rare, live presentation — “A Stock Market Top for the Ages” — at the annual New Orleans Investment Conference. The recording comprises Prechter’s December 2021 Elliott Wave Theorist.

And now our friends at EWI are sharing it with you free ($99 value).

In just 20 minutes, Prechter shows 28 charts — everything from penny stocks to dollar volume in IPOs to SPACs — to give you a clear, bird’s-eye view of today’s markets.

“Unbelievable” is the word he uses to describe several of these charts.

This video sells for $99 in EWI’s Store. You get it FREE with this coupon code: STOCKTOP. You need to simply enter the code once you click on the link below and join free Club EWI to watch.

Free, watch “A Stock Market Top for the Ages” with code STOCKTOP now >> Click here

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