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Come Out of the Pandemic in the Best (Trading) Shape of Your Life – Here’s How

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Come Out of the Pandemic in the Best (Trading) Shape of Your Life – Here’s How

Take your trading confidence from “before” to “after” in just 7 days

By Elliott Wave International

It’s now been five-plus months into the global shutdown. By now, many people have tossed in the towel on some of their more lofty quarantine goals — such as, training for a marathon or writing an epic novel, as Shakespeare was rumored to have done with King Lear during the 16th’s century’s Bubonic Plague.

Another common disappointment has been learning to trade stocks. Turns out, the initial spike in first-time online day-traders was triggered by a fantasy of instant wealth. Writes one April 29 Fox Business article,

“I see people just jump in with a small amount of money and buy cheap stocks all the time because they heard someone talk about it going higher… And that is never a good investment idea. In fact, those things usually blow up. And that’s the kind of thing that really burns people to the market early on.

“I think too many people think they’re going to get in and just become rich overnight or they’re going to double or triple their account really quick… The thing’s a journey, it’s not a sprint.”

If you’re among these new traders — or you’re thinking of trying your hand in the craft — our free Trader Education Week event is where your journey begins.

On September 3-9, all Trader Education Week participants will get practical, on-demand video lessons from our log-time Trader’s Classroom editor Jeffrey Kennedy.

Combined, these 7 days’ worth of trading lessons will help any trader, in any market and skill level, to build a strong, stable foundation for understanding the difference between a high-confidence market opportunity versus a hard pass… while managing risk along the way.

Let us give you a little taste of what you get during Trader Education Week.

Below, see how your Trader Education Week instructor showed his Trader’s Classroom subscribers how to anticipate significant moves in a popular stock, Boston Beer Company (SAM).

To answer the critical question: “How do you identify the market’s trend?” in the March 4 Trader’s Classroom, Jeffrey showed this chart of Boston Beer since July 2019:

Jeffrey explained that price action had a countertrend look: a slow, choppy three-wave move contained within parallel lines. This set the stage for further selling in wave 4 — and then a new rally in wave 5:

“This argues for further decline back to below the wave A extreme of 336.10. The trend could be down for a number of weeks… but then will make way for further rally.”

From there, SAM indeed fell — and in the April 9 Trader’s Classroom lesson, Jeffrey confirmed the anticipated wave 5 rally was due and called for a move above $500 per share:

And, as the following chart shows, that’s exactly what SAM did:

This is just one example of MANY, the kind you’ll see during our Trader Education Week on September 3-9.

We may not be able to write a novel, but if learning to spot new consistent trading opportunities is a goal of yours — then our Trader Education Week is the place to start.

Join Trader Education Week now, free

This article was syndicated by Elliott Wave International and was originally published under the headline Come Out of the Pandemic in the Best (Trading) Shape of Your Life – Here’s How. EWI is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts led by Chartered Market Technician Robert Prechter provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.

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